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Autelier Makeup

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Autelier Makeup is a Singapore Makeup and Bridal Artist Company and agency division of Autelier Group, a company focused on creating innovations in the wedding and makeup industry

Named after its founder, Autelier Makeup is the fruits and labor of professional wedding makeup artist turned entrepreneur Cherry Au, who started the company to offer her private clients a wider range of professional services including makeup, hairstyling and cosmetics consultancy.

At Autelier, Cherry and her artistes bring along their years of experience working in the cosmetics industry and continues to train and inspire new talents to become makeup professionals through the company’s Autelier Academy arm.

Visit http://www.auteliermakeup.com for more of their portfolio and past works.


MusicBox (Live Band Service)

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Music Box – the only Wedding Live Band in Singapore with an auspicious Chinese name called 百年好盒. It comes from the common Auspicious Chinese Wedding Greeting – 百年好合, which translates as “a hundred years of hrmony”, and thus for wishing couples lifelong marriage harmony.

With a compact team of musicians, vocalists and emcees constantly performing, we are highly experienced in providing great live band music and wedding hosting since 2007. Visit www.musicbox.com.sg for more of the live gig wedding portfolios.

Le Fairy Meadow

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Weave dreams of lovely wonders in the enchantment of the Meadow, where flowers and all things magical are in abundance. Come celebrate Love, celebrate in style, celebrate with flowers and Le Fairymeadow. We promise to dream away with you, and to make those dreams come true with our floral creations and venue styling aesthetics.

We love what we do! And we understand that every client is different with their unique set of preferences and requirements. And because of this, we specialize in customization and individually style each and every wedding (and other special occasions) for our clients. We enjoy learning a little more about our clients through every little detail of their love stories, to ultimately create floral and décor designs that matter to them. Visit http://www.lefairymeadow.com for more information.